We lead the industry with the best practices we adopt and implement for a sustainable future throughout all our group companies and subsidiaries. We attach great importance to technology and R&D studies to enhance the sustainability of our investments in our main activity fields such as energy, industry, and construction.

Giant steps to fight the climate crisis

We equip our plants with cutting-edge technology to reduce our water and carbon footprint in mining. The plants and saplings for mine site rehabilitation are selected based on location-based analyses. We operate all our plants in an integrated manner towards our goal of zero waste in industry and we reuse all possible residual products and bring them back into the economy. We take care to meet our industrial plants’ energy needs from renewable sources.

We increase our investments in renewable energy sources. Cengiz Enerji, the constructor of Türkiye's first and Europe's largest hybrid power plant, is the largest private sector company in Türkiye to generate power from hydroelectric power plants.

Transferring Experience

While maximizing the use of R&D and technology, we transfer more than 40 years of experience to our business partners and also abroad with our new investments. We share our know-how and technology for a better future in that we make the R&D centers and labs in all our plants available to other companies and universities.

We produce for Türkiye

With our pioneering R&D efforts, we contribute to supply security by producing raw materials for strategic sectors in Türkiye. We prioritize the domestic market in all our products. The products developed in our R&D centers focus on “best practices study” to support the end-to-end processes of all group companies and meet their individual needs.


Cengiz Holding R&D Center, Türkiye's largest in the mining sector, has been in operation with cutting-edge technology since 2018.

The Center, funded with equity capital alone, moved into its current building in 2023. A perfect example of modern architecture, the building has 3,600 sqm of indoor space and is located in Eti Bakır’s Samsun premises. The R&D Center, which aims to meet the needs of group companies and subsidiaries in the first place, will soon become an R&D hub for the Turkish mining sector. Devised to make our enterprises reach and maintain an enhanced level of efficiency, the center continues to bring slag (both slag from the Genoese period and slag as a byproduct of our production processes) back into the economy and to do research on newly discovered mining sites. In line with the "Zero Waste" approach in mining, we engage in continuous R&D efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle past and current wastes in all our plants.