We pioneer R&D and innovation activities as a leading company in the Turkish industry. We produce sustainable raw materials for strategic industries.


Cengiz Holding, one of Türkiye's largest industrial enterprises, is the only company that can produce copper and aluminum from mine to end-product.

Cengiz Holding, which acquired Eti Copper in 2004 and Eti Aluminum in 2005 from the Privatization Administration, upgraded both companies’ plants with state-of-the-art technology for integrated mining and started production mainly for the domestic market. Making continued investments, the company reduced the carbon footprint of all its plants below the European average and quickly became the major raw material supplier for strategic industries. Cengiz Holding also produces end products in cobalt, considered the 'element of the century', at ICoNiChem in Widnes, England, which it acquired in 2020.

Adopting a 'zero waste' policy in mining in line with advancements in technology and R&D studies, Cengiz Holding produces projects that process mining waste dating back to the public era and even as far back as the Genoese, thus bringing them back into the economy.

Eti Copper

Eti Copper produces annually 70,000 tons of cathode copper with 99.99% purity, at a total of 9 plants in Kastamonu Küre, Giresun Lahanos, Artvin Murgul, Artvin Cerattepe, Adıyaman, Siirt, Izmir Halıköy, Mardin Mazıdağı, and Samsun Smelter and Electrolysis Plant. Currently the employer of 5.500 people, Eti Copper’s operations are not limited to copper production but include recovery of metals contained therein by converting 'waste' into 'residual products' in an integrated system. Eti Copper contributes greatly to closing Türkiye’s current account deficit by keeping 750 million dollars in the country every year, and also runs a gold mine in Terek-Say, Kyrgyzstan.

Eti Aluminum

Eti Aluminum, which produces 82K tons of aluminum per year with a giant plant built on 2 million square meters in Seydişehir, contributes annually 350 million dollars to closing Türkiye’s current account deficit. Eti Aluminum, whose R&D studies and the products emerging therefrom help ensure supply security in the defense industry, has an ongoing rolling mill plant investment, scheduled to render its first product by 2025. The plant, which meets its entire power consumption from renewable sources, continues to work toward the goal of 'green aluminum'.


UK-based ICoNiChem produces special cobalt salts for technology-intensive industries. The plant, whose cobalt production increased from 900 tons to 1.800 tons with the investments made after joining Cengiz Holding, converts products from Eti Copper’s Mardin Mazıdağı Metal Recovery and Integrated Fertilizer Plant into cobalt products with 99.99% purity. Exporting to more than 10 countries, ICoNiChem also recycles the black mass (waste battery powder) of electric vehicles and recycles nickel and cobalt back into the economy.