Cengiz İnşaat, which has undertaken very important infrastructure projects in Turkey and the world, is included in the list of the World's Top 250 International Contractors every year.


Having accomplished many important projects in Türkiye and around the world with a giant equipment pool and nearly half a century of experience, Cengiz İnşaat continues to build highways, railways, airports, subways, dams, power plants, and urban infrastructure projects in a wide geography from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan, from Eastern Europe to the Middle East.

Cengiz İnşaat is a project partner and the operator of Istanbul Airport, Türkiye's largest single-point private sector investment. To date, the company has completed 43 kilometers of tunnel construction abroad and over 260 kilometers in total, with 29 kilometers of tunnel work abroad and 75 kilometers in total currently in progress. Having completed projects in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Northern Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, the company is climbing up ENR’s (Engineering News Record) “Top 250 International Contractors” list year after year.

Cengiz İnşaat recently kicked off the construction of Corridor 5C in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the longest motorway project ever tendered out. The company’s major domestic and overseas projects include Istanbul Airport, Gayrettepe Metro, Zigana Tunnel, Northern Marmara Highway, and Ilısu Dam in Türkiye, Karabakh Victory Road, Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha Highway, Nakhchivan Vayxir Dam, and Shamkirchay Dam in Azerbaijan, Aktobe-Martuk Highway and CAREC Transport Corridor Zhambyl and Mangystau Sections in Kazakhstan, Ljulin-Daskalovo Highway and Elin-Pelin Kostenets Railway in Bulgaria, Corridor 5C Vlakavo-Tarcin and Poprikuse-Nemila Sections and Zenica Tunnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hawler International Airport and Altun Köprü Road in Northern Iraq, International Airport T4 Terminal and Al Mutla City Infrastructure in Kuwait, Karawanks Tunnel in Slovenia, Križevci – Koprivnica Railway in Croatia, and Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway in Romania.