We are aware of our responsibility towards the world and the environment.

The production activities in all our plants are carried out with sustainable environmental awareness. We work hard to reduce our carbon and water footprints through environmental management policies. Protecting and rehabilitating the natural resources in all cities where we are present is at the core of all our activities, to which end we do research with the relevant institutions and universities and put new projects into action.

Zero Waste Management

A Zero Waste Management System is implemented in all our plants. We contribute to the Turkish economy with effective zero waste management, which involves the use of efficient waste recovery and recycling techniques and meticulous implementation of zero waste, waste management, and sorting-at-source practices.

Soil Analysis

We pioneer the mining industry on the path to zero carbon. While realizing important projects for the environmentally friendly rehabilitation of mining sites, we work with TÜBİTAK in soil reclamation. The soil analysis project, marking a first in the Turkish mining industry, enables us to improve the soil in the best way possible.


As part of decommissioning work for the closure of open pits and quarries that have completed their life cycle and subsequent rehabilitation of the site, we plant local tree species to create new greenspaces as well as other tree species that are shown to be most suitable for the soil based on research. In the last 10 years, we have planted 2 million trees within the scope of our mining operations.

Seed Bank

We engage in extensive work to protect the endemic seeds of the lands where our plants are located. The seeds we collect in collaboration with universities are delivered to the Turkish Seed Gene Bank affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Environmental Inspectors

We provide in-school training to students through our group companies that center around people and the environment. While reaching out to young people with this training project we call “Environmental Inspectors”, we also collect waste batteries in the regions where our plants are located.