Dear Members of the Press,

The numerous complaints and notifications we have received through our company's communication channels during the day have necessitated the issuance of this public statement.

The website www.cengizholdingvakfi.org, which apparently alters and uses our company logos, has no connection whatsoever to our company. www.cengizholdingvakfi.org internet sitesinin şirketimiz ile hiçbir bağlantısı bulunmamaktadır.

Please be informed that our legal department has taken legal action against the mentioned website, which demands personal information and money from users for the alleged provision of nonrecourse loans, scholarships and aid donations. We will continue to keep a close eye on the matter to the end. Our company does not accept any scholarship applications other than those we provide through Şaban Cengiz Foundation and Mehmet Cengiz Education and Culture Foundation, and we do not charge any fee whatsoever to people applying for a scholarship. We kindly request the public to not rely on the website mentioned above, nor on any calls they may receive from unofficial numbers.

Respectfully submitted to the public.

Cengiz Holding A.Ş.